Saturday, October 24, 2009

Announcing the Dt for Nov.-Jan 2009/10

Ok, you just can't believe how hard it was to narrow this down. Each and every one of you have great qualities and reasons that I should select you. Unfortunatly, I am new and my funds do not allow me to choose everyone. I am actually going to choose more than I had planned and change so instead of 2 DT members I am going to choose 3.
Choose 2 guest dt members, one for each month Dec,Jan.
The DT members will be on board for 3 months...Nov.-Jan. and at that time I will reevaluate, maybe even run another DT contest or something. The reason being is that some found out about this at the last minute and I loved their work but didn't feel like they had a chance to prove themselves in the forum.

I hope everyone understands why I made these changes, selections etc. I hope you will all stick around as this forum grows and be here when I reevaluate/choose what to do in Jan. Thanks for your understanding and best wishes.

Those selected need to pm me today and let me know if you accept your fate.

And not without further wait:

Guest Dt member for December is...............Robin!!!!

Guest Dt member for January
is...............................Lisa (aka Muffy)!!!!

DTmembers for Nov- Jan. are

Kimmy (lostinadream)

Lora (aka imapaperlover)

and Alecia aka Alecia

Thanks so much for your following, I hope that you will continue on this journey with us. We are going to have a blast, I would hate for you to miss it.

I also forgot to mention Diana (aka blessedintx) she helps me on the homefront and will be involved in decisions and dt activitites also.